travel guide and their importance

Travel Guides and their Importance

Travelling industry is one of the most resilient and one of the most expensive industries in the world today. The industry that is growing so much at this stage has a lot of hard work, dedication and sincere efforts behind it to bring it to this position.

 It is not relevant to go into the details of who started the industry and who is responsible for the growth of this industry. This, however may be said that collective efforts of all the people around the world who are connected with this industry, directly or indirectly have greatly helped it achieve what its now.

In the progress of the travel industry, the role of travel guides cannot be ignored, for they are the one of the important factors for the growth of this industry. Their work has been outstanding throughout. There are various resources of how to continue travelling around the globe knowing each and tiny details of the places you go.

 Many of the people prefer to hire a travel guide who would guide them around the forts, around the beaches and the artistic mosques while many of the people opt for choosing the websites and many of those travel guide website that are available online free of cost.

Many countries have posted some of the brilliant travel guides on their official websites. The most prominent name in this industry is that of Malaysia. Malaysia has been using every media from social to cultural to reflect their tourism industry. As a result of which their tourism industry traffic has gone threefold in the last decade and their economy is now booming with major part of their GDP consists of the contributions from tourism industry.

Travel guides are the easiest way to know about the important places that are worth visiting in a particular country. Many of the countries distribute flyers and advertisements with important information labeled on the advertisement supplements. Also they use different kinds of marketing strategies to advertise the most visited places in their country.

Pakistan for example also started a Television program with the name ‘Travel Guide of Pakistan’. It was one of the most easiest and one of the most beautiful programs in which the host takes you to variety of places around Pakistan with the focus on revealing each and every tiny detail they could share. The program gained significant audience since many of the areas to the North of Pakistan have limited access.

Going there is somewhat risky since the weather is not always on your side. The air transport is not that good. So the only option left is to for a motor ride which in that case is very perilous given the nature of the roads and the harsh weather conditions. Even while going to Skardu in summers is considered dangerous since there are many small rivers that must be crossed before the sun set or else they get flooded. Such travel guides programs such as Pakistan’s are followed everywhere so that those who are interested get all the real time experience.

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