CorrLinks and JPay are critical communication services used in U.S. correctional facilities to maintain connections between inmates and the outside world. CorrLinks, managed by Advanced Technologies Group, is an email service specific to federal prisons, enabling inmates to send and receive emails via the TRULINCS system.

JPay, owned by Securus Technologies, extends similar email services to both state and federal prisons and includes additional features like money transfers and video visitation. Both systems are designed to be secure, monitored, and fee-based, providing vital support to inmates by keeping them in touch with family and friends, thus playing a crucial role in their rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

CorrLinks and JPay Definition

What is CorrLinks and JPay? CorrLinks is an email-based communication system used by inmates in federal prisons to connect with the outside world, operated by Advanced Technologies Group under the TRULINCS system. JPay, owned by Securus Technologies, offers similar services including electronic messaging and financial transactions in both state and federal facilities. Both systems are monitored and do not allow attachments, focusing on maintaining essential communications​

Key Benefits of CorrLinks and JPay in 2024

Both CorrLinks and JPay offer unique benefits that facilitate communication and support services for inmates and their connections outside prison:

Benefits of CorrLinks:

  • Direct Email Communication: CorrLinks provides a direct email system that allows inmates to keep in touch with their family and friends without internet access. This helps maintain relationships and provides emotional support to inmates.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: It is generally cost-effective for inmates to use, charging only $0.05 per minute for email use, making it accessible for continuous communication without substantial financial burden.
  • Controlled and Secure: The system is secure and monitored, ensuring that communications do not jeopardize the safety and security of the correctional facility or the public.

Benefits of JPay:

  • Wide Range of Services: JPay offers a variety of services including money transfers, email, video visitation, and the purchase of tablets. This suite of services provides comprehensive support for inmates.
  • Educational and Entertainment Options: JPay allows inmates to access educational programs and entertainment, helping them to stay informed and engaged and potentially aiding in rehabilitation efforts.
  • Convenient Money Transfer: The platform provides an easy and secure way to send and receive money, ensuring that inmates can manage their finances and receive support from their loved ones.
  • Mobile App Access: JPay’s services are accessible via a mobile app, making it easier for family members to manage their accounts and stay connected with inmates from anywhere.

Both services play a crucial role in helping inmates maintain connections with the outside world, which can be crucial for their mental health and rehabilitation process.

Eligibility Guidelines for Inmate Communication Services

The eligibility for inmates to use CorrLinks and JPay depends on the specific rules of the correctional facility. Here’s a simplified overview:

  • CorrLinks: Primarily used in federal prisons and some state prisons. Inmates may be restricted from using it if their offenses involve computer-related crimes or if they are held under high-security conditions.
  • JPay: Available in a broader range of facilities, including state prisons and county jails. Accessibility varies by the inmate’s security level and the facility’s contract with JPay.

Both services are designed to help inmates maintain communication with the outside world, playing a crucial role in their rehabilitation process. Facilities decide who is eligible to use these services based on security and regulatory considerations. For detailed information on eligibility and services, you can visit CorrLinks and JPay.

Understanding CorrLinks and JPay: Essential Tools for Communicating with Inmates

CorrLinks and JPay are two systems that facilitate communication and financial transactions between inmates and people on the outside.

How to Use CorrLinks?


CorrLinks is a private email service approved by the Bureau of Prisons that inmates can use to communicate with the outside world. It operates on the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS). Unlike regular email, CorrLinks uses a relay system where inmates compose messages that are then sent to the recipient, who must log into their CorrLinks account to view the message and reply. The process is not real-time and can be delayed.

When first contacted via CorrLinks, you will receive an email invitation to create an account. This includes a specific identification code that you will need to enter to set up your account and start receiving and sending messages. There’s a cost associated with inmates using the service, typically around $0.05 per minute, but it’s free for outside users to send emails​.

How to use JPay?


JPay provides a wider range of services, including sending money, emails, videos, and even education services to inmates. It also offers video visitation and parole and probation payments. Users can interact with JPay through its website or by using its smartphone app. To get started, you’ll need to create an account, find the inmate you want to communicate with using their ID, and then use the services as needed. JPay is particularly used for financial transactions like sending money to inmates.

Comparing CorrLinks and JPay: Essential Differences in Inmate Communication Services

Primary FunctionPrimarily used for email communication between inmates and the outside world.Provides a variety of services including email, money transfer, video visitation, and media purchases.
Usage CostFree for the public, though inmates may have to pay to send emails. $0.05 per minute for emails.Charges for services vary: emails can cost $0.25 each, and other services like money transfers and video visitation also have fees.
AvailabilityLimited to facilities that have agreements with CorrLinks.Available in many state prisons and county jails across the USA.
Device SupportAccessible via a web-based interface and a mobile app.Offers a mobile app and kiosks inside correctional facilities, in addition to web access.
Service ScopeMainly provides email services.Includes additional services like educational programs, tablet purchases, and parole payment services.
Payment ServicesDoes not handle financial transactions directly related to inmate accounts.Facilitates money transfers to inmate accounts, which can be used for commissary or other expenses.
Additional FeaturesNone specified explicitly beyond basic email communication.Offers video connect services, JP5 tablets (inmate purchase), and options for music and game downloads.
User InterfaceBasic and straightforward, focusing solely on email communication.Comprehensive, with various functionalities tailored to both inmates and their families.
MonitoringEmails are monitored and can be delayed for security checks.All communications, including emails and video calls, are subject to monitoring and recording.
FeesInmates are charged $0.05 per minute to use the email service.Emails cost about $0.25 each, and there are additional costs for other services like money transfers and video calls.

Key Differences in Fees:

  • CorrLinks charges users outside the prison system nothing for using the service, but inmates are charged $0.05 per minute to use the email service, which is part of the TRULINCS system.
  • JPay, in contrast, involves fees for nearly all its services. Emails cost about $0.25 each, and there are additional costs for other services like money transfers and video calls. The fees can vary significantly based on the facility and the specific service used.

Both systems are vital for maintaining communication between inmates and their families, but JPay offers a broader range of services at a higher cost, while CorrLinks focuses primarily on email communications at a lower cost to the user.

Exploring the Impact of Digital Communication in Incarceration: Kodak Black’s ‘Corrlinks and JPay

The song “Corrlinks and JPay” by Kodak Black talks about the challenges of life in prison and how inmates rely on digital services like Corrlinks and JPay to stay connected with their loved ones outside. These services are essential for inmates to communicate and receive support, such as money transfers. Kodak Black, a rapper known for his candid lyrics about his life experiences, uses this song to highlight the emotional and psychological impacts of incarceration, showing how these communication tools are a vital part of daily life in prison.

CorrLinks and JPay Lyrics

Corrlinks and JPay” by Kodak Black was released on March 31, 2017, as part of his debut album “Painting Pictures.” The song, produced by 30 Roc and Mike WiLL Made-It, explores themes of incarceration and is available on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Ear Dummers
Sniper gang
Mike WiLL Made-It
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'Cause I be walkin' round with a big scary chain
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I beat the pot with the spoon and watch the dope lock up
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Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay
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Corrlinks and JPay
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Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay