sparkling eyes tips

Sparkling Eyes Tips

Shining and sparkling eyes are liked by everyone and are symbol of beauty and freshness as well. In order to keep your eyes sparkling all the time you need to adopt a number of techniques.

Primarily the food intake is supposed to be appropriate so that you can maintain a good shine of your eyes. Because things like caffeine have a negative effect upon your eyes’ beauty and make them dull therefore caffeine should be avoided.

 Research has proved the fact that vitamin C is an excellent anti oxidant and it helps to keep your eyes shining and sparkling always. Fruits and vegetable that contain high amount of citrus and vitamin C are excellent remedies.

Sleep is a practice that keeps a person healthy and active. It is extremely important to take a good course of sleep at night because it helps in reducing stress and activating essential biological processes like metabolism and so. Good sleep is therefore plays an important role in keeping your eyes fresh and sparkling.

In order to keep your eyes sparkling you have to stay away from electronics like television and mobile phones and computer/laptop screens. There is no doubt about the fact that in today’s high tech world one cannot just simply quit the use of gadgets and electronics but it is recommended that these things should be utilized in a balanced manner excessive exposure of eyes towards such things can prove to be highly dangerous when it comes to health of your eyes and hence the shine and sparkle of your eyes is lost as well.

In order to keep the eyes shining you are supposed to go early in the bed. People generally think that if they take sleep of 7 to 8 hours at any point in time, the purpose would be served however it is not the case. You should maintain a good routine in life for which it is extremely important that you go to sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning to stay healthy and fresh and in turn keep your eyes shining and sparkling.

Wash your eyes regularly so that excessive dust or waste materials are removed from the eyes properly. The use of fresh cold water for washing eyes turns out to be quite effective when it comes to washing of your eyes.

Some home remedies like use of cucumber can be extremely helpful. Cut thick round slices of cucumber and chill it up with use of ice or by placing it in refrigerator for some while. Place these chilled slices of cucumber on your eyes and leave them for 5-7 minutes. This would soothe the tissues of your eyes and relax them up which would in turn make your eyes sparkling.

Positive thought and behavior also keep your eyes shining therefore stay positive all the time and refrain from negative thoughts and behavior and try to make good friends who share positive words with your and help you in staying positive. 

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