CorrLinks login is a platform to make the lives of prisoners bearable by keeping them connected to their dear ones outside the prison world. It is an initiative to keep the prisoners in touch with the outside world.

Through the app of CorrLinks, inmates can talk to their friends and family members and can leave a message to them whenever they like. And they can also receive messages from their friends and family members in return.

CorrLinks services are developed and established through a relationship between a corrections agency and Advanced Technologies Group (ATG). The Bureau of Prisons uses it as a conventional email system to provide this facility to the federal inmates.


Step by Step Guide to CorrLinks Login

Before you get started to leave a message to your loved one using CorrLinks services, it is essential to understand how to login:

  • You must open the official app or page of CorrLinks in your devices
  • The first thing you will see after landing on their official site would be their login boxes. 
  • If you are not already registered to CorrLinks, you must first register yourself.
  • When you are done registering, write your email address and password in the given boxes.
  • Afterwards, click ‘login.’
  • You will directly have the access of your account
  • You can proceed by adding a contact or by accepting contact requests and can also choose to compose messages to your existing contact

However, if in any case, you have forgotten your password, you must immediately reset your password by clicking on ‘Forgot your password?’ mentioned on the login page. The same details that you used to get yourself registered will be the details that will be inquired to reset your password. Once you are done resetting your password, it is advised to write it down somewhere safe to avoid the inconvenience the next time you log in to CorrLinks. 

Frequently Asked Questions About CorrLinks:

Can you send pictures through Corrlinks?

You cannot send pictures through CorrLinks account because of its limited usage, and mainly because of the purpose it was created for.

How much does it cost for an inmate to use Corrlinks?

$0.05 is the per-minute charges to use your CorrLinks account. And if you like to print the messages, it comes at $0.15 per page. 

Can federal inmates have cell phones?

No, the federal inmates cannot have cell phones. If they are to use their CorrLinks account, they must pay to use the computer system. 

Is CorrLinks free for friends and family members of federal inmates?

Yes, CorrLinks is free of cost for the people on the outside. Only the prisoners are required to pay a little amount to use CorrLinks.

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