CorrLinks Mobile App makes it easy for families and friends to communicate with their loved ones who are incarcerated in prisons. It is an official email system used by the Bureau of Prisons, which allows federal inmates to share with their loved ones living outside the prison world.

It is free for people who use CorrLinks from outside the prison, while on the other hand, inmates must pay a certain amount to use the services of CorrLinks.

To make it easier for you, there is mainly an application of CorrLinks, which you can install in your smartphones to use its services for free. It is no longer limited to a computer system. You can access the CorrLinks account through your mobile devices any time you want. To have the app of CorrLinks in your mobile phones make you stay updated with any new message from an inmate. 

CorrLinks Mobile app

However, there are various features of the CorrLinks mobile application. 

First and foremost feature of CorrLinks mobile app are that it helps you stay in touch with your dear ones.

CorrLinks mobile app offers you real-time alerts.

Through real-time alerts, you can have the notifications of any new message 24/7 on your mobile device.

In any case, if you don’t want your CorrLink account to be always logged in, you can log out and log in again in your mobile device.

Having a CorrLink mobile app makes the messages download automatically in your devices where you can access them any time you want.

CorrLinks mobile app keeps your previously read messages intact right in your inbox. It saves your time from downloading them again and again.

It keeps your messages intact for whole 60 days instead of a month.

If you want to use your CorrLinks account in various mobile devices, then you have this feature of attaching up to 3 of your mobile devices with your account. 

In your mobile devices, you are no longer bothered by captcha every time you open your account.

To download or install the CorrLinks mobile app, you must have a premier account subscription.

The Cost of a premier account is $6.00 per year. And it is merely $.50 a month, which is not much to talk to a loved one. 

CorrLinks’ mobile app’s file size is 4.82 MBs. It is available on the App Store and Google Play. You can always download it from there. Click the install or download button to start the download.

Afterward, when it is successfully downloaded in your devices, make sure to open it and log in. You must remember that if you are not already registered to CorrLinks, you must first register yourself and create an account. The moment you have your User ID and password, you can access your CorrLinks account in your mobile devices and can send emails to your loved ones incarcerated in prisons.

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