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Prison has always been a place where people get sentences for a certain period or a lifetime. They are supposed to be isolated from society as punishment.

As technology-enhanced, who knew that it would also incorporate prisoners. It is quite surprising to see that you can get in contact with a prisoner sitting inside the prison.

This is possible with the technology provided by Corrlinks. Corrlinks is a privately-owned company that provides an online system called TRULINCS (Trusted Fund Limited Inmate Computer System) to the prisoners. The unique aspect of this technology is that it is highly restricted and accessible under surveillance.

If you have any friends or relatives of the family who are federally imprisoned, then you can use the Corrlinks system to send emails to them. On the other side, the service providers will deliver that email to them after screening.It is a unique service provided to inmates to have communication with the outside world. If an inmate wishes to do so, he or she can make their TRULINCS account at Corrlinks log on the website and send an email to a person. The receiver is also supposed to log into the Corrlinks website to read that email after giving all the required information.

What to do if you receive Corrlinks email from the prisoner?

If an inmate sends you an email by using the Corrlinks log in system, here the procedure, you can use to view the email. The first step is that on your private email address, you will receive an email from the Corrlinks administrator to make an account on the Corrlinks login page of the website. It will say that you have received an email from the federally imprisoned inmate, and to view it; you have created Coorlinks email login.

Step by Step Guide For CorrLinks Login

You have several ways to communicate with an Inmate including Corrections’ electronic messaging system provided through CorrLinks.

Accepting Communication from an Inmate With Corrections’ electronic messaging system, you cannot initiate email communication with an inmate, but you can receive an invitation with an identification code to set up an account.

1. You will receive a system generated message to your email informing you that an inmate wants to contact for exchanging electronic messages through corrlinks.

2. Use the link present in the email to ACCEPT or BLOCK this individual or all Inmates from contacting you via electronic messaging through Corrlinks.

3. You must register with the email address that received this notice along with the identification code located in the system generated email so you can carry on this process and set up your account.

4. Complete your registration step by step, and fund your account by completing the steps in the following sections.

Setting up your CorrLinks account :

You cannot initiate email communication with an Inmate but can receive an invitation with an identification code to set up an account.

  1. You must open the official app or page of CorrLinks in your devices having a strong internet connection.
  2. First step you will see after landing on the CorrLinks official site would be their login boxes. 
  3. If you already have a CorrLinks account, login with your username and password. If you do not have a CorrLinks account, then click Register to create an account.

4. Enter your first name, last name, email address, password, and identification code from the email in the previous section. Check the box stating that you are over 18 and have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, verify that you are not a robot, then click Next. 

5. Check your email for your verification link. 

6. After you’ve clicked the link in the email, continue setting up your account by entering your billing and other information, then check to verify you are not a robot, and click Next for Further verifications.

How to add money in your CorrLinks account:

This does not send money to the Inmate. 

1. From the main menu, click on Recharge My Account after this,

2. Enter your billing address and choose the amount of money you want to add to your account. Then click Next.

3. Enter your card informations and click Add Funds

4. When you have successfully recharged your account, a dialog confirmation will appear on this page. Click Return to the Main Page.

How to send the messages from Corrlinks?

You must have funds in your account to send messages. 

1. From the main menu, click Mailbox.

2. To send a message, click New Message

3. Click inside the To field and select the Inmate you wish to message, then Click OK

4. Your saved messages will be available for 30 days. 

5. To view your saved drafts, click Draft Messages from the Mailbox.

6.You can easily edit a message. So, Click on the message you want to edit. 

7. When your message is ready to send, click Send.

8. To view your sent messages, click Sent Messages from the Mailbox.

9. Click Read next to a sent message to review its contents.

How to send Photos from Corrlinks?

You must have funds in your account to send photos and messages.

1. From the main menu, click Photos.

2. To upload a photo to send, click Upload New Photos. 

3. Click Choose File type and select a photo to upload from your computer.

4. Type a caption for the photo and click Add. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add more photos. You can upload up to seven files at a time.

5. Select the photo(s) you want to share and click Upload

6. When you have successfully uploaded your photo(s), a dialog confirmation will appear on the screen.Then, Click OK.  

7. To send an uploaded photo or to send multiple photos, click Send Photo to Inmate.

8. Click Choose Photo.  

9. Choose a photo to send and click Select. 

10. To add the selected photo to your message, click Add. Repeat steps 8, 9, and 10 to add more photos.  

11. Select the photo(s) you want to send and click Send. 

12. You can view uploaded and sent photos from your Mailbox by clicking View Recently Sent Photos or View Uploaded Photos

How to sign up for a Premier account?

A Premier Account is not required but it depends upon your choice. You can choose to communicate using the browser application for no additional charges. A Premier Account allows you to receive real time alerts for messages from your loved ones, you can retain your messages for 60 days instead of 30 days, use the mobile application, and along with other benefits. A Premier Account costs $6.00 per year. You can use the browser application for no additional fees.

1. From the main menu, click Premier Account.

2. To start your 14-day free trial, click Free Trial.

3. To upgrade to a yearly Premier Account, enter your billing information, then click Next.After this you can use your premier account for communication.

How to sign up for Text Service?

Text Service Costs range from $6.00 per month to $36.00. However, you can use the browser app for no additional charges. Text Services are optional. If you have already signed up for the optional Premier Account and use the free CorrLinks smartphone app, then do not sign up for Text Services as you already have the better solution. But by signing up you can get more features of Corrlinks account. Here, Step by Step guide to sign up for Text Service.

 1. From the main menu, click Text Service

2. Select your phone carrier and enter your phone number, then click Next for further verification.

3. Then enter the verification code you received via SMS and click Next.  

4. Enter your billing information and check the appropriate boxes, then click Next

What is CorrLinks?

CorrLinks is a privately owned company that is dedicated to making the lives of prisoners easy by letting them communicate with their friends and family. CorrLinks operates Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS).

Corrlinks.Com Review and Login Guide

This computer system assists federal prisoners and provides them with the services to send and receive emails to their loved ones. However, these email messages are closely monitored; there is no direct access between the inmates and their families or friends.

The history behind the word “Whats is Corrlinks.”

CorrLinks Mobile

CorrLinks Mobile App makes it easy for families and friends to communicate with their loved ones who are incarcerated in prisons. It is an official email system used by the Bureau of Prisons, which allows federal inmates to share with their loved ones living outside the prison world.

It is free for people who use CorrLinks from outside the prison, while on the other hand, inmates must pay a certain amount to use the services of CorrLinks.To make it easier for you, there is mainly an application of CorrLinks, which you can install in your smartphones to use its services for free. It is no longer limited to a computer system. You can access the CorrLinks account through your mobile devices any time you want. To have the app of CorrLinks in your mobile phones makes you stay updated with any new message from an inmate.

  CorrLinks and Jpay

As CorrLinks allow prisoners to communicate with their family members and friends, JPay allows the federal inmates to transfer money as well as other services like email and video communication with their loved ones outside the prison.

Both of these platforms help in not letting the prisoners go in complete isolation. Inmates can connect to their loved ones through CorrLinks and JPay. For both of these platforms, people have to download their app and must get logged in to their account to send a message. Sent emails are subject to screening in both of these platforms, and there is an official schedule for the mails to be delivered to inmates.

Corrlinks and JPay

  • Money transfer is one of the other facilities that JPay offers. Friends and family members of an inmate can transfer money directly to their inmate trust account. Moreover, it also helps inmates in making their community corrections and restitution payments. An inmate’s media account can also be funded through these money transfers, and they can use those funds on kiosk related services, like purchasing any music, etc.
  • Videogram: Videogram is one of the other facilities that JPay offers. Videogram comes with JPay’s email service. A VideoGram is a video recording with the help of a webcam that is attached to your computer. The videos made through videograms are limited to 30 seconds and are connected to the email you will be sent to the inmates.
  • JPay player is another facility given by JPay. It is an approved media player that helps inmates accessing music, FM radio, games and also allows them to read and write emails. If you have seen a tablet, consider that JPay is similar to a tablet. You can give a JPay player to an inmate, or you can also send money for them to buy it for themselves. It helps inmates combatting the dull hours of their day in prisons….. more

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