As CorrLinks and Jpay allow prisoners to communicate with their family members and friends, JPay also allows the federal inmates to share with their loved ones outside the prison. 

Both of these platforms help in not letting the prisoners go in complete isolation. Inmates can connect to their loved ones through CorrLinks and JPay. For both of these platforms, people have to download their app and must get logged in to their account to send a message. Sent emails are subject to screening in both of these platforms, and there is an official schedule for the mails to be delivered to inmates.

CorrLinks and Jpay

Corrlinks and JPay

  • Money transfer is one of the other facilities that JPay offers. Friends and family members of an inmate can transfer money directly to their inmate trust account. Moreover, it also helps inmates in making their community corrections and restitution payments. An inmate’s media account can also be funded through these money transfers, and they can use those funds on kiosk related services, like purchasing any music, etc.
  • Videogram: Videogram is one of the other facilities that JPay offers. Videogram comes with JPay’s email service. A VideoGram is a video recording with the help of a webcam that is attached to your computer. The videos made through videograms are limited to 30 seconds and are connected to the email you will be sent to the inmates.
  • JPay player is another facility given by JPay. It is an approved media player that helps inmates accessing music, FM radio, games and also allows them to read and write emails. If you have seen a tablet, consider that JPay is similar to a tablet. You can give a JPay player to an inmate, or you can also send money for them to buy it for themselves. It helps inmates combatting the dull hours of their day in prisons. 
  • With the funds transferred to inmates JPay’s media account, inmates can buy media and music of their own choice. They can spend the funds on purchasing electronic stamps, songs, and games.
  • Video visitation is also one of the best features of JPay. Through video visitation, inmates can talk to their loved ones face-to-face on a video call. Video visitation is one of the facilities offered by CorrLinks too. 
  • However, given the facilities mentioned above, JPay offers more services to inmates than CorrLinks.