different typee of make up brushes

Why different types of makeup brushes and available in market and what are different types are?

Makeup has become the most important part in the world of fashion. Both men and women are now indulged in doing make up before going out in some parties of weddings. Mostly ladies wear a lot of makeup so that they look beautiful and attractive. There are many types of makeup brushes out of which few are discussed below.

Foundation brush:

Foundation brush is the most common type of make-up brushes. It is used to apply foundation on the face I order to make your skin smooth.  This efficiency of this brush depends on how well the hairs on brush are distributed. In order to perfectly distribute them you should put it in hot water and after that squeeze it with your hand of a cloth.

Duo fiber brush:

The use of duo fiber brush is to buff and blend the color which is used in make-up on eyes or cheeks. Many colors in liquid or hard form can be used to be applied by this brush on your skin.  The brush is made up of synthetic fibers. The use is quite easy and the brush is almost weightless.

Bronzer powder brush:

The brush is used for both bronzer and powder for applying it on your skin. The brush is round in shape and has a great reach. It is designed with so perfection that it picks a good amount of color from the kit and apply it flawlessly on your skin to make it smooth.

Eye shadow brush:

Next brush that I am going to discuss here is the most common and famous type of make-up brush known as eye shadow brush. This brush is large and flat and is used to apply color and makeup on the eyes.

Blusher brush:

This brush is also made up of fiber and is in a round shape used to apply color flawlessly on your cheeks. The brush makes the process smooth for applying foundation and shades onto your skin.

Fan powder brush:

The brushes discussed above are bit hard because they are used to apply liquid and shades that are also in almost liquid form. So for that it is necessary that the brushes are hard but when you want to apply something that is in powder form you should not use those brushes. Instead of it you should use fan powder brushes which are soft and are used where low coverage is required. They are helpful in removing the excess amount of powder that you have applied on your face.

Face contour brush:

Another type of brush that is used for makeup is face contour brush. This brush is also round in shape but it is also slanted in order to apply makeup to your skin.


This article is aimed at the types and description of various makeup brushes that are used by makeup artists in their jobs.

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